EZsimply Egg Incubator

Looking for an egg incubator for sale to start egg hatching at home? Look no further. The EZsimply Egg Incubator is all you need. This all in one egg incubator comes with all instructions. Even a beginner can successfully hatch an egg with it.

Let’s see what’s so special about it…

Complete temperature control 

This egg incubator features an LCD display and an alarm for detecting high and low temperatures as well as humidity. This means you will have complete control over the temperature to ensure that the egg gets just the right environment to hatch.

Compact and portable 

This egg incubator is made from ABS plastic materials for ensuring the durability and integrity of the device. It’s extremely light and easy to store. It also has a transparent covering that lets you view and monitor your eggs. You won’t have to open the incubator to test the situation and growth of the eggs and mess up the temperature for hatching.

A perfect environment for the eggs

The embryos require consistent temperature and a safe environment to grow. This incubator ensures that the eggs receive the right temperature to develop into embryos. It not just controls the temperature but regulate it to ensure there is enough humidity. The incubator also gently rotates the eggs after every 2 hours. In other words, you don’t have to do anything for the eggs to hatch. Just set it and forget it.

Perfect size

This egg incubator is designed to hatch 12 chicken eggs. This makes it a wonderful choice for beginners. You might also use it for hatching duck, quail, and pigeon eggs.

You deserve to use the best-seller Egg Incubator in the US for hatching eggs at home. And the EZsmiply egg incubator fits the criteria well.

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